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Osseous Surgery

What Is Osseous Surgery?

Osseous surgery is a periodontal process that is performed by our noted periodontist Dr. Ed De Andrade for reshaping the bone which holds one or a number of teeth in its proper place.

Purpose of the Surgery

It is a treatment for periodontitis or gum disease. Individuals with gum disease develop holes in the bone known as defects. With the help of the surgery the surgeon can reshape this bone defect. This process is used for treating loss of bone around the teeth.

Preparing For Osseous Surgery

It is essential that you prepare properly before undergoing the procedure. First you need to meet Dr. De Andrade for a consultation and an oral examination. After Dr. DeAndrade evaluates your condition he will then go ahead and explain the process in detail. For the surgery a local anesthesia can be used. If you prefer to be asleep during the surgery we have an anesthesiologist available.

The Surgical Procedure

This surgical procedure should only be done by a doctor like Dr. DeAndrade, a board certified Las Vegas periodontist. Dr. DeAndrade will release the gum tissue from the bone. Then Dr. DeAndrade will gain access to the roots and also the bone. Following the cleaning of the roots Dr. DeAndrade will reshape the bone. In certain areas the bone is restored to its normal contour. In order to restore any definite large defects; bone grafting material can be placed. Dr. DeAndrade uses the most technically advanced materials available. Finally, the gums are placed back over the surgical site.

The dentist then will place the gums back over the remaining bone and stitch them in place. The site will then be covered with a bandage known as a periodontal pack or dressing.

Follow-Up Instructions

After your periodontal procedure you will get follow-up instructions, receive any possible pain medicine and antibiotics that may need to be prescribed. Moreover, you need to keep your mouth clean by regular brushing and flossing to ensure your oral health. You can use a toothbrush to eliminate plaque from your teeth gently. Following your surgery you will be suggested to not brush the surgical area. You may use non-alcohol mouth rinses or warm salt water after 24 hours after surgery. These mouthwashes slow down the plaque growth by killing bacteria growth. To minimize any swelling following your surgery applying ice would be beneficial for you. You will need to visit Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants two weeks following your surgery for a post-surgery check and to remove any of the sutures that have not dissolved.

Risks & Complications

There are certain risks and complications associated with this process such as swelling and bleeding. In most cases you are susceptible to infections if you do not treat the area properly. The teeth that have been treated will most likely become sensitive. Moreover, they can develop cavities if you neglect them if you do not take proper care of your gums and teeth.

When To Call Us Following The Procedure

Usually, we monitor your progress closely following the surgery. Dr DeAndrade is available at any time after your surgical procedure. Please call our office at 702-270-4600 if you have any concerns. He will examine you at the post-operative appointment. However, you must get in touch with our Las Vegas or Henderson office if you have excessive bleeding which refuses to cease.

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